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Benefits With Benefits
We are committed to helping companies overcome the huge financial burden of Health Care. We have real solutions with real results. We are always willing to meet with you and discuss your options . Just reach out to us through the site here. Send in a Mini Census or go to Ask a Question and request a conference call or schedule a meeting. We are here and we are ready to help you.

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Benefits With Benefits




Agents & Brokers

We want to work with you , not against you.

We understand the concern you might have about other licensed health professionals talking with your clients about healthcare. We don’t talk about healthcare because our programs are independent of the healthcare law .We are protective of our clients as well. We make it very clear to all clients that we have no interest in changing their group policy or major medical policies. We also make it clear we will not hamper , solicit or otherwise compete against our client’s agent/broker. We prefer to use our programs to enhance the group policies already in place if possible. Group policies have deductibles and co-insurance and we have the ability to place a GAP policy which coordinates with the group policies.  Lastly , we don’t require contributions from the Employer and in fact we help your (the agent’s) client more easily afford your (the agent’s) policy.


How Can We Help You ?


You can rewrite your group with higher deductibles which lowers their premiums as you know. You can do this because we have true GAP plans that cover up to $10,000 for deductibles ,co-insurance & outpatient services . We believe your client will appreciate your effort to help him/her save money without forfeiting more exposure .


Its likely your competition hasn’t heard of this and therefore they can’t compete with you because your premiums & net deductibles can potentially be lower …never-mind the relationship loyalty you have built . It’s early in the “new healthcare game” and your clients will be burdened by the new mandated contribution requirements.


We can actually contract you and you can write the product yourself. You could present this option to your client and reduce his/her premiums and decrease the employee’s exposure . Additionally , your margins grow too !! You will get paid on the supplements while keeping your current commission and renewals on the group policy.


You now have a solution for those clients who have between 50-100 employees and don’t have group insurance now . You can get that Employer compliant for less than $50 a month or 70% less than the penalty ($167 a month) they face for not providing insurance.


You can bring us in, introduce us and allow us to handle the whole thing.We will promote you and give you the credit for this solution . We will endorse you and remind the client how you searched for a way to help him/her.

We want to work with you , not against you. We help Employers deal with the higher costs of healthcare We can help every Employer who has 10 or more W2d employees period . These programs make any major medical group policy more affordable and help every client …which helps you , the agent .


Feel free to contact us about your options & opportunities. We know what is likely to happen over the next 2-3 years and we beleive that we have solutions that can help people . We also know we can’t do this alone so if you are interested in partnering with us just contact us and we can show you how valuable these programs can be for you … and your clients.

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