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We are committed to helping companies overcome the huge financial burden of Health Care. We have real solutions with real results. We are always willing to meet with you and discuss your options . Just reach out to us through the site here. Send in a Mini Census or go to Ask a Question and request a conference call or schedule a meeting. We are here and we are ready to help you.

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Employee Health Benefits Without Extra Costs

What is included in the Limited Medical Benefits & Wellness package?

Welcome to Novus Employee Benefits. Your employer wants to give you more benefits so they are prepared to sponsor the Novus Plan. Our Plan is integrated with your company’s current health insurance plan. It’s a qualified limited medical plan with wellness benefits combined with flex credits and an indemnity plan. The Novus Plan helps employees avoid and/or pay medical expenses! The cheapest way to keep medical expenses low is to be informed about your current level of wellness. We can predict your future health risks and make recommendations where necessary.


The Novus Plan starts by providing employees with a Health Risk Assessment. Employees will receive $50 dollars for completing the Health Risk Assessment and taking a short survey call. You get $50 dollars for answering lifestyle questions on the HRA? Yes, it pays to be informed about your wellness!


We will use the Health Risk Assessment which can be completed right on your cell phone or online, and employees may receive free lab work in the 3rd quarter of their first year which will provide a comprehensive individualized wellness strategy based on a specialized lab test with 49 bio markers. No one (including the employer) will have access to the wellness information or lab results except the doctors who analyze the lab work and the employee. We send a” personalized custom wellness prescription” directly to the employee’s email address.


We provide practical, easy to understand goals and recommendations for every employee. Our plan is a participatory plan so employees just need to communicate with the nurse coach, and that’s it. There are no required goals to be met for compliance.


The Novus limited medical benefit plan was designed to provide benefits for certain types of medical care. We know how costly medical care has become. Out of pocket medical expenses have been rising for everyone. Deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance now cost employees an average of $5000 per year. Your health insurance will likely cost more money this year than it did last year. The Novus Plan will lower those potential out of pocket medical expenses.


We help cover those costs by providing coverage that pays the first part of most medical bills including but not limited to: Hospitalization, Surgery, ER Visits, MRIs, X-rays or CT Scans, Lab work, telemedicine and any medical expenses related to an Accident. We also provide lump sum cash payments for a cancer diagnosis, heart attack or renal failure. Finally, we make available a whole life policy that builds cash value for every participant.


No one can be turned down for benefits! The Novus plan super charges the employee’s current coverage without reducing the take home pay while also providing a 5 star wellness strategy for those willing to take advantage of it! We have been providing benefits for American employees since 2009!

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