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Benefits With Benefits
We are committed to helping companies overcome the huge financial burden of Health Care. We have real solutions with real results. We are always willing to meet with you and discuss your options . Just reach out to us through the site here. Send in a Mini Census or go to Ask a Question and request a conference call or schedule a meeting. We are here and we are ready to help you.

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Benefits With Benefits




The Employer

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The programs above are for every Employer with 10 or more W2d employees.

Employers with more than 50 employees (ALEs) will be required by law to purchase a qualified health care policy due to the Affordable Care Act or face a stiff penalty in 2016. However , the ACA Law doesn’t require employers to be fully informed of  their options ! We also know employers pay for benefits/coverage with profit . We can provide employees with additional benefits and more comprehensive coverage with less out of pocket expense. We can also help increase the profit margins each and every month!

All of our programs include Simplified & Guaranteed Issue policies which simply means

“No One can be turned down “


Employers with 50 or more Employees

The first thing you need to know : WE DO NOT want to change your current group insurance policy , we want to enhance it!

For Employers with 50+ Employees , we know you likely have insurance but whether you do or don’t have insurance we can help you. This coming year the employers are faced with having to insure all full time employees and pay for most of the premium. You will be required to “buy down” the employee’s premium to make “their financial portion” of the premium (which is < 9.6% of the employee’s income) with a minimum contribution of 50% of the “employee only” premium. Its your burden according to the new law, to make the premium affordable for your employees. Some Employers just don’t have the margins for the additional costs and we have the perfect solution!


We offer a ” Compliant Policy ” for those who have no choice but to pay large premiums or pay large penalties ( a.k.a. Play or Pay ). We have solutions which incorporate either of the programs mentioned above and we use the ” retained profit ” from those programs to help offset the costs for the compliant plans. The combination of the MEC & our Programs & Policies vastly reduce the costs for employers and employees , plus The Employer will be compliant and therefore exempt from both ( the $2,000 & the $3,000 annually per employee ) penalties/taxes.


Example 1

If you employ 100 people and have insurance now , we could reduce $40,000+ from your current annual Health Care Premium Costs. In this scenario you wouldn’t change anything about your current coverage and your employees would receive true Gap Insurance , Supplemental Health Benefits and Life Insurance in addition to their current group insurance policy .

Example 2

If you have 10+ employees who do not participate on the group insurance policy for whatever reason , we can insure the employees on the Compliant MEC Policy combined with the policies mentioned above and help your company become compliant for less than $20 per month per employee !

Send us a Mini-Census & allow us to show you exactly what we can do for your profit margin and your employees!