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We are committed to helping companies overcome the huge financial burden of Health Care. We have real solutions with real results. We are always willing to meet with you and discuss your options . Just reach out to us through the site here. Send in a Mini Census or go to Ask a Question and request a conference call or schedule a meeting. We are here and we are ready to help you.

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Benefits With Benefits




Wellness Program

Employers and Employees are looking for answers and help . We are here and we can help !

The Wellness program is an ERISA qualified self funded group wellness/health program and serves multiple purposes. We want employees to be healthier and more educated about their daily decisions and common conditions that many people experience . Everybody stands to benefit from a more active lifestyle including family , friends , co-workers and employers. Our goal is to equip people with the tools and support they need to be healthy. We help create and assign a Champion for your company that can keep your employees on track. 


Our Wellness Programs can include :

  • A Wellness Coach – the coach tracks the employees participation. He/She will also reach out to the employee once per quarter to check on the progress. When the employee responds he/she is participating in the wellness program.
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • In depth information about common diseases and illness plus targeted information regarding Diabetes , High Blood Pressure , Cholesterol , Cancer , Heart Disease , and much more.
  • Employees have access to nutritional guidance , stress management and exercise regimes .
  • Each employee has an individualized program designed based on their initial health risk assessment questionnaire.
  • For ALEs’ we create a custom company portal complete with the company’s logo and info based and targeted towards the employees and their challenges. For Non ALEs’ we provide access to the Novus Wellness Portal which has a wealth of information available.
  • We also offer unlimited tele-medicine visits with no co-pays 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Novus Wellness participants receive negotiated rates on MRI’s , CT Scans ,  X-rays and Bloodwork.
  • Employees who participate in the Novus Wellness Plan for 12 months get a complete chromosome and DNA analysis kit , which is analyzed by licensed physicians and then the results are given to the employee along with an explanation of the employees overall health , risks , and areas of opportunity.

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